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2020-04-14Remove unused PreprocPattern, allow sensible defaults with aws setup, and add...Nick White
2020-04-07gofmtNick White
2020-02-27Fix Sprintf usageNick White
2020-02-27Add documentation, license notices, and licenseNick White
2019-11-20Implement image resizing option into PDF generation, so that smaller PDFs to ...Nick White
2019-11-12Merge branch 'addpdf'Nick White
2019-11-12Embed a font, compressed, into the binaryNick White
2019-11-12Merge branch 'addpdf'Nick White
2019-11-11Switch to main gofpdf, now our SetTextRenderingMode has been mergedNick White
2019-11-01Compress the font with zlib, and include it in repoNick White
2019-10-31Add capability to embed font files into toolNick White
2019-10-31PDF: add space to each word to ensure copy-past ability from more PDF readersNick White
2019-10-31PDF: lay out every word with coordinates separatelyNick White
2019-10-31Move PDF handling code to a separate fileNick White