BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fullsizepdfSeparate out fullsize pdf creation from colour pdf creation, so less memory i...Nick White2 months
localFix CheckQueue for LocalConnNick White24 months
masterrescribe: update getembeds to include latest tessdataNick White7 weeks
minimisedisk[untested] Use less disk spaceNick White24 months
separatelocalSwitch Preprocess() to take the thresholds to use, and have rescribe tool onl...Nick White18 months
v1.0.0commit 45fd6cc3d8...Nick White8 weeks
v0.5.3commit ebf623c447...Nick White7 months
v0.5.2commit ff63756c71...Nick White8 months
v0.5.1commit 37a1581288...Nick White9 months
v0.5.0commit 9f3fec3e09...Nick White9 months
v0.3.3commit 8ab178eaa2...Nick White14 months
v0.3.2commit 17b2d91d5f...Nick White17 months
v0.3.1commit 82ee93b53a...Nick White18 months
v0.3.0commit f71fd636f1...Nick White18 months
v0.2.5commit 9608fbaa5a...Nick White22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-03-28rescribe: update getembeds to include latest tessdataHEADmasterNick White
2022-03-28rescribe: Use "folder" consistently everywhere in interfaceNick White
2022-03-22rescribe: update to rescribev9 as default training to usev1.0.0Nick White
2022-03-22rescribe: change makefile so intermediate build objects go in build/, final e...Nick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Updated TODO listNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: put darwin builds in darwin/ rather than darwin_universal/Nick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Improve error messages if no pages are foundNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Update copyright years and add TODO fileNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Update traineddata descriptions in command line versionNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: remove unneeded old tessdataNick White