AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysrescribe: Surface errors properly, with a dialogue boxHEADmasterNick White
7 daysrescribe: Show friendly names for the trainings, and hide "osd" trainingNick White
7 daysinternal/pipeline: if a graph cannot be created, don't leave an empty graph.p...Nick White
14 daysrescribe: Increase size of file & folder picker dialog windowsNick White
14 daysrescribe: Put log in an accordion, disable buttons when processing, and don't...Nick White
14 daysrescribe: ensure books with a space in the name are handled correctly in the guiNick White
14 daysrescribe: Rename PDFs taking into account that in some cases one or the other...Nick White
14 daysinternal/pipeline: Have DownloadPdfs() try to download all PDFs, but only ret...Nick White
14 daysrescribe: handle PDF errors much more gracefullyNick White
2022-01-04rescribe: parse stdout and set progress bar based on it, using appropriate la...Nick White
2022-01-04rescribe: Restrict file types to select for .pdf and .traineddata file pickersNick White
2022-01-04rescribe: add select box to choose training to use, including an Other... optionNick White
2021-12-20rescribe: Ensure temporary tesseract data is only removed when the program en...Nick White
2021-12-20rescribe: Improve layout of gui, and make dir entry box read onlyNick White
2021-12-20rescribe: Ensure temporary tesseract dir is removed in gui mode tooNick White
2021-12-20rescribe: add "Choose PDF" button, and make chosen dir/file section a label r...Nick White
2021-12-20whitespace and error clarity changesNick White
2021-12-20fixed -png flag and changed rescribe tool to save binarized png in separate f...Antonia Rescribe
2021-12-20rescribe: Include stderr in log area, and ensure button is re-enabled on failureNick White
2021-12-06Update cloud settings to bookpipeline-v18.3Nick White
2021-12-06pipeline: process jpg or png regardless of whether in wipe or preprocess queueNick White
2021-12-06graph: make number page parsing much more robust, and ensure fake numbers are...Nick White
2021-12-06pipeline: ignore any files with a non-image suffix, rather than erroring on themNick White
2021-11-23rescribe: Remove debugging printfs related to PDF parsingNick White
2021-11-23rescribe: Improve pdf consumption by ensuring only jpg or png are saved to up...Nick White
2021-11-23gofmt, plus update documentation of recently changed pipeline.UploadImagesNick White
2021-11-22internal/pipeline: remove old and broken requirement for TestStorageId()Nick White
2021-11-22changed put.go so that a 4-digit number is appended to the end of each filena...Antonia Rescribe
2021-11-22rescribe: Add support for reading images directly from PDFsNick White
2021-11-22rescribe: replace errors.New with fmt.ErrorfNick White
2021-11-20update spot image againNick White
2021-11-20Update spot image to v18.0Nick White
2021-11-20Enable fyne gui againNick White
2021-11-09lspipeline-ng: Remove debugging printfNick White
2021-11-02rescribe: handle directories with spaces correctlyNick White
2021-10-29Temporarily disable fyne module, as it causes issues with go1.11 buildNick White
2021-10-26rescribe: Separate gui code, and organise it better (should be no functional ...Nick White
2021-10-25rescribe: wip gui using fyneNick White
2021-10-12rescribe: fix lookup of external training fileNick White
2021-10-01rescribe: Include new tessdata in embed getterv0.5.2Nick White
2021-10-01rescribe: Add embedded lat.traineddataNick White
2021-10-01rescribe: Add both original training path and embedded version on error outpu...Nick White
2021-08-30pdf: Always encode images as jpegv0.5.1Nick White
2021-08-30adjusted the height of the image in the pdf to 1000px if the smaller option i...Antonia Rescribe
2021-08-24rescribe: improve makefile to match the way we deploy to the websiteNick White
2021-08-19lspipeline-ng: Limit number of book details requests so we don't run into EC2...v0.5.0Nick White
2021-08-18rescribe: Update documentation on how to deal with M1 signing, and move makef...Nick White
2021-08-17pdf: Stretch words to fit in their boxes, for more perfect embeddingNick White
2021-08-17pipeline: use regular storage for tests, rather than a separate oneNick White
2021-08-09pdf: use same line height and origin for all words on a line as it makes thin...Nick White