AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-28rescribe: update getembeds to include latest tessdataHEADmasterNick White
2022-03-28rescribe: Use "folder" consistently everywhere in interfaceNick White
2022-03-22rescribe: update to rescribev9 as default training to usev1.0.0Nick White
2022-03-22rescribe: change makefile so intermediate build objects go in build/, final e...Nick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Updated TODO listNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: put darwin builds in darwin/ rather than darwin_universal/Nick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Improve error messages if no pages are foundNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Update copyright years and add TODO fileNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Update traineddata descriptions in command line versionNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: remove unneeded old tessdataNick White
2022-03-21Update tessdata to only include a few trainingsNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: fix bug in gui where choosing "other" then cancelling would leave t...Nick White
2022-03-21rescribe: move getBookIdFromUrl() to gbook.go, and add tests for itNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Remove unneeded clause and add example urls for gbook id functionNick White
2022-03-21added support for new type of Google Books URLSAntonia Rescribe
2022-03-21rescribe: Simplify disabling and enabling common widgetsNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: disable & enable checkboxes alongside other parts when processingNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Improve cli wording and simplify PDF stuff slightlyNick White
2022-03-21Only generate full-size PDF if requestedNick White
2022-03-11Separate out fullsize pdf creation from colour pdf creation, so less memory i...fullsizepdfNick White
2022-03-11Add initial support for full-size PDF generationNick White
2022-03-11Name PDF extracted images so they sort correctlyNick White
2022-02-28rescribe: improve layout of completed popupNick White
2022-02-28rescribe: Further improve getembeds error reporting and recognitionNick White
2022-02-28rescribe: Fix error printing with getembedsNick White
2022-02-28rescribe: Add embed_darwin.go to include getbook into OSX buildsNick White
2022-02-28rescribe: Add " searchable" to file name for saved PDFNick White
2022-02-28rescribe: Add popup on completion reporting where files were savedNick White
2022-02-28adjusted file renaming to make suffixes of png and jpg files lowercase and ch...Antonia Rescribe
2022-02-28rescribe: Improve wording of training dropdownNick White
2022-02-28Add PreNoWipe queue, that just does binarisation but no wipingNick White
2022-02-28bookpipeline: ensure context is initialised before using it, to avoid panicNick White
2022-02-28bookpipeline: Switch to rescribev9 as default trainingNick White
2022-02-24rescribe: Add embedded getgbookNick White
2022-02-24rescribe: Improve getgbook failure error dialog by keeping it simpleNick White
2022-02-23rescribe: fix typo with embedded getgbook runningNick White
2022-02-23Add getgbook embedding for darwinNick White
2022-02-23rescribe: Add embedded support for getgbook, for linux only so farNick White
2022-02-21rescribe: Add getgbook use to the GUI (not embedded yet)Nick White
2022-02-21Ensure that no new console windows are opened on Windows when executing Tesse...Nick White
2022-02-21rescribe: add .zip version of .app for macNick White
2022-02-14rescribe: Add gui elements for getgbook integration (wip)Nick White
2022-02-09rescribe: ensure go generate is called when needed in makefile, and remove un...Nick White
2022-02-09rescribe: makefile now supports cross-compiling with fyneNick White
2022-02-09rescribe: make go generate skip already downloaded files, checking that check...Nick White
2022-01-31rescribe: remove unnecessary extra cancel calls; anything which errors should...Nick White
2022-01-31Ensure cancel is sent to any errant processes in case of an error, and stick ...Nick White
2022-01-31pipeline: Fail if no images are presentNick White
2022-01-31rescribe: Add context cancelling to extractPdfImgs(), so it's no longer possi...Nick White
2022-01-31rescribe: Ensure status isnt overwritten after an abort, when wipe-only prepr...Nick White