BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fullsizepdfSeparate out fullsize pdf creation from colour pdf creation, so less memory i...Nick White5 months
localFix CheckQueue for LocalConnNick White2 years
masterrescribe: update fyne versionNick White9 days
minimisedisk[untested] Use less disk spaceNick White2 years
separatelocalSwitch Preprocess() to take the thresholds to use, and have rescribe tool onl...Nick White21 months
v1.0.0commit 45fd6cc3d8...Nick White5 months
v0.5.3commit ebf623c447...Nick White10 months
v0.5.2commit ff63756c71...Nick White10 months
v0.5.1commit 37a1581288...Nick White11 months
v0.5.0commit 9f3fec3e09...Nick White12 months
v0.3.3commit 8ab178eaa2...Nick White17 months
v0.3.2commit 17b2d91d5f...Nick White20 months
v0.3.1commit 82ee93b53a...Nick White21 months
v0.3.0commit f71fd636f1...Nick White21 months
v0.2.5commit 9608fbaa5a...Nick White2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-22Fix CheckQueue for LocalConnlocalNick White
2020-05-22Fix bookpipeline failing if shutdown option isnt usedNick White
2020-05-22Add experimental local connection typeNick White
2020-05-19Add getandpurgequeue debugging toolNick White
2020-05-06Update spot image againNick White
2020-05-04Update spot image idNick White
2020-05-04Update preproc dependency so that vwipe is enabledv0.2.3Nick White
2020-04-21Simplify spotmeNick White
2020-04-14Update preproc and utils dependenciesv0.2.2Nick White
2020-04-14Add getbests tool that was previously in the utils repoNick White