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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-22rescribe: update to rescribev9 as default training to usev1.0.0Nick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Improve error messages if no pages are foundNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Update copyright years and add TODO fileNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Update traineddata descriptions in command line versionNick White
2022-03-21Update tessdata to only include a few trainingsNick White
2022-03-21rescribe: Improve cli wording and simplify PDF stuff slightlyNick White
2022-03-21Only generate full-size PDF if requestedNick White
2022-03-11Add initial support for full-size PDF generationNick White
2022-03-11Name PDF extracted images so they sort correctlyNick White
2022-02-28rescribe: Add " searchable" to file name for saved PDFNick White
2022-02-28Add PreNoWipe queue, that just does binarisation but no wipingNick White
2022-02-23rescribe: fix typo with embedded getgbook runningNick White
2022-02-23rescribe: Add embedded support for getgbook, for linux only so farNick White
2022-02-21Ensure that no new console windows are opened on Windows when executing Tesse...Nick White
2022-01-31rescribe: Add context cancelling to extractPdfImgs(), so it's no longer possi...Nick White
2022-01-31rescribe: Ensure status isnt overwritten after an abort, when wipe-only prepr...Nick White
2022-01-31Make pipeline context-aware, so the rescribe tool can cancel jobsNick White
2022-01-10rescribe: Rename PDFs taking into account that in some cases one or the other...Nick White
2022-01-10rescribe: handle PDF errors much more gracefullyNick White
2021-12-20rescribe: Ensure temporary tesseract data is only removed when the program en...Nick White
2021-12-20rescribe: Ensure temporary tesseract dir is removed in gui mode tooNick White
2021-12-20whitespace and error clarity changesNick White
2021-12-20fixed -png flag and changed rescribe tool to save binarized png in separate f...Antonia Rescribe
2021-12-06pipeline: process jpg or png regardless of whether in wipe or preprocess queueNick White
2021-11-23rescribe: Remove debugging printfs related to PDF parsingNick White
2021-11-23rescribe: Improve pdf consumption by ensuring only jpg or png are saved to up...Nick White
2021-11-22rescribe: Add support for reading images directly from PDFsNick White
2021-11-22rescribe: replace errors.New with fmt.ErrorfNick White
2021-11-02rescribe: handle directories with spaces correctlyNick White
2021-10-26rescribe: Separate gui code, and organise it better (should be no functional ...Nick White
2021-10-25rescribe: wip gui using fyneNick White
2021-10-12rescribe: fix lookup of external training filev0.5.3Nick White
2021-10-01rescribe: Add embedded lat.traineddataNick White
2021-10-01rescribe: Add both original training path and embedded version on error outpu...Nick White
2021-08-17pipeline: use regular storage for tests, rather than a separate oneNick White
2021-08-02internal/pipeline: Add test (incomplete but working) for UploadImagesNick White
2021-07-20Cleanup thanks to go vetNick White
2021-07-13gofmtNick White
2021-07-08rescribe: Exit with an error if directory doesn't existNick White
2021-06-29rescribe: Add embed target for darwin (osx) tooNick White
2021-06-22rescribe: Remove erroneous unnecessary mkdirNick White
2021-06-22rescribe: Make it clearer that embedded training files are available to useNick White
2021-06-22rescribe: add embedded tesseract for linuxNick White
2021-06-22rescribe: allow use of embedded training even if -systess is usedNick White
2021-06-22rescribe: Add go generate command to download the needed files to embedNick White
2021-06-22rescribe: Add an embedded tessdataNick White
2021-06-21rescribe: Set up so only Tesseract needed for the build platform is embeddedNick White
2021-06-21rescribe: Embed Tesseract into binary so that no Tesseract install is necessaryNick White
2021-05-31Fix bug after changing pipeliner for tests, to ensure DeleteObjects is availa...Nick White
2021-03-16rescribe: change default training directory to trainings/v0.3.3Nick White