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2020-05-19Add getandpurgequeue debugging toolNick White
2020-04-14Remove unused PreprocPattern, allow sensible defaults with aws setup, and add...Nick White
2020-04-07Improve documentationNick White
2020-04-07Remove unused OCR queue (was superceded by the ocrpage queue some time ago)Nick White
2020-04-07gofmtNick White
2020-04-07Separate out cloud settings into a separate file; cloudsettings.goNick White
2020-03-31Disable autoshutdown by default for bookpipeline, and update to ami 0.11 (whi...Nick White
2020-03-31[bookpipeline] Improve logging outputNick White
2020-03-23Add Log() function to Pipeliner interfaceNick White
2020-03-10Update image used for spotsNick White
2020-02-27Add documentation, license notices, and licenseNick White
2019-12-13Update StartInstance to point to the newest imageNick White
2019-12-11Use aws.go with mkpipeline too, plus fix one log.Fatal call in aws.go which s...Nick White
2019-12-05Remove (the generally empty) files in the case of a failed downloadNick White
2019-12-03Rewrite lspipeline book listing part to be much faster by taking advantage of...Nick White
2019-11-19Add ocrpage queue for processing individual pagesNick White
2019-11-12Add spotme command to start appropriate spot instancesNick White
2019-10-29Another attempt to fix the ongoing heartbeat issueNick White
2019-10-28Try to fix heartbeat renew issue more fullyNick White
2019-10-17Adjust the heartbeat searching function to hopefully have better luck at find...Nick White
2019-10-16Sort book list in lspipeline by modified dateNick White
2019-10-08Separate out bookpipeline from catch-all go.git repo, and rename to rescribe....Nick White