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2022-03-21Only generate full-size PDF if requestedNick White
2022-03-11Separate out fullsize pdf creation from colour pdf creation, so less memory i...fullsizepdfNick White
2022-03-11Add initial support for full-size PDF generationNick White
2022-02-28adjusted file renaming to make suffixes of png and jpg files lowercase and ch...Antonia Rescribe
2022-02-28Add PreNoWipe queue, that just does binarisation but no wipingNick White
2022-02-21Ensure that no new console windows are opened on Windows when executing Tesse...Nick White
2022-01-31pipeline: Fail if no images are presentNick White
2022-01-31Make pipeline context-aware, so the rescribe tool can cancel jobsNick White
2022-01-17internal/pipeline: if a graph cannot be created, don't leave an empty graph.p...Nick White
2022-01-10internal/pipeline: Have DownloadPdfs() try to download all PDFs, but only ret...Nick White
2021-12-20whitespace and error clarity changesNick White
2021-12-20fixed -png flag and changed rescribe tool to save binarized png in separate f...Antonia Rescribe
2021-12-06pipeline: ignore any files with a non-image suffix, rather than erroring on themNick White
2021-11-23gofmt, plus update documentation of recently changed pipeline.UploadImagesNick White
2021-11-22internal/pipeline: remove old and broken requirement for TestStorageId()Nick White
2021-11-22changed put.go so that a 4-digit number is appended to the end of each filena...Antonia Rescribe
2021-08-17pipeline: use regular storage for tests, rather than a separate oneNick White
2021-08-02internal/pipeline: Add test (incomplete but working) for UploadImagesNick White
2021-07-27internal/pipeline: Add test to check that hidden files are skippedNick White
2021-07-27internal/pipeline: add tests for DetectQueueTypeNick White
2021-07-27internal/pipeline: Add notreadable test to CheckImagesNick White
2021-07-27internal/pipeline: Add a test for CheckImagesNick White
2021-07-19internal/pipeline: Be more explicit with exactly what functions are in each i...Nick White
2021-07-13Fix up tests a bitNick White
2021-07-13gofmtNick White
2021-07-13internal/pipeline: Reorganise interfaces so that functions only declare what ...Nick White
2021-07-12Add test for upAndQueue functionNick White
2021-06-15pipeline: Ignore hidden files when checking and uploadingNick White
2021-05-31Add a test for up(), and document download() and up() properlyNick White
2021-05-31Fix bug after changing pipeliner for tests, to ensure DeleteObjects is availa...Nick White
2021-05-19Close process channel after writing to err channel in download(), in case of ...Nick White
2021-05-19Add tests for download()Nick White
2021-05-19Fix syntax with another Errorf callNick White
2021-05-19Fix syntax for some fmt.Errorf callsNick White
2020-12-07[rescribe] Allow saving of results to somewhere other than a directory named ...Nick White
2020-12-03Don't upload binarised pdf twice needlesslyNick White
2020-11-16Some changes to ensure the pipeline works correctly on WindowsNick White
2020-11-10gofmtNick White
2020-11-10[rescribe] Enable custom paths to tesseract command to be set (also improve s...Nick White
2020-11-10[getpipelinebook] Rewrite to use internal package functionsNick White
2020-11-09Switch Preprocess() to take the thresholds to use, and have rescribe tool onl...separatelocalNick White
2020-11-09[rescribe] Local only combo tool basically now working. Testing is still mini...Nick White
2020-11-09[rescribe] work in progress at a self-contained local pipeline processor, cal...Nick White
2020-11-09[bookpipeline] Split most functionality out to package internal/pipelineNick White