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2020-04-14Briefly document each of the commands in a godoc friendly way, and improve th...Nick White
2020-02-27Add documentation, license notices, and licenseNick White
2019-11-29Make error message clear what page is causing issuesNick White
2019-11-26Improve usage noticeNick White
2019-11-26Ensure error in file walking is correctly returnedNick White
2019-11-20Implement image resizing option into PDF generation, so that smaller PDFs to ...Nick White
2019-11-01Compress the font with zlib, and include it in repoNick White
2019-10-31PDF: add functionality to use "best" file if it existsNick White
2019-10-31Add flag to switch between binarised and colour outputNick White
2019-10-31Move PDF handling code to a separate fileNick White
2019-10-31Many improvements to pdfbook; basically working nowNick White
2019-10-31Add work in progress PDF producerNick White