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2020-11-10[getpipelinebook] Rewrite to use internal package functionsNick White
2020-11-09Add a couple of things that should not be forgottenNick White
2020-05-26Add -c conntype for necessary tools to allow local connection to be usedNick White
2020-04-14Briefly document each of the commands in a godoc friendly way, and improve th...Nick White
2020-04-07gofmtNick White
2020-03-23[getpipelinebook] Switch to MinimalInit() so that it can be run without SQS p...Nick White
2020-03-23[getpipelinebook] Add -binarisedpdf and -colourpdf flagsNick White
2020-03-23[getpipelinebook] Add -graph flag to download just graphsNick White
2020-02-27Add documentation, license notices, and licenseNick White
2019-12-17Add png flag to getpipelinebookNick White
2019-12-17Add pdf flag to getpipelinebookNick White
2019-12-16Fix error message syntax in getpipelinebookNick White
2019-12-16Fix usage message for getpipelinebook, and trim final slashes in lspipeline o...Nick White
2019-12-11Clean up and correct book name parsing in the pipeline, and update usage of g...Nick White
2019-12-05Default getpipelinebook to downloading pdfs instead of imagesNick White
2019-10-23getpipelinebook: default to downloading corresponding page images, and add op...Nick White
2019-10-08Separate out bookpipeline from catch-all go.git repo, and rename to rescribe....Nick White