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2021-07-23gofmtNick White
2021-03-23hocr: Add ability to specify a custom image path for hocr line extraction, an...Nick White
2021-02-09hocr: Use extracted page name for line namingNick White
2021-02-09hocr: Use image specified in ocr_page title, so can support multipage hocrs c...Nick White
2020-04-14Add godoc documentationNick White
2020-03-13Add copyright statements to each fileNick White
2020-01-22Add GetWordConfs function to hocr pkgNick White
2019-10-31Export a couple of more generally useful functionsNick White
2019-10-30Simplify and document hocr package slightly betterNick White
2019-10-23Make bucket-lines and related packages more robustNick White
2019-10-08Remove parts that have been moved elsewhere, and rename to White