AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-27Add go.modv0.1.0Nick White
2020-02-27Reorganise all commands to be behind cmd/Nick White
2020-02-20[pare-gt] gofmtNick White
2020-02-20[pare-gt] Fix sampling formula, make robust in the face of a 100% sample requ...Nick White
2020-02-20[pare-gt] Add some tests, and make deterministicNick White
2020-02-20[pare-gt] gofmtNick White
2020-02-19Split sampling functionality in pare-gt into a separate function that can be ...Nick White
2020-02-11Add pare-gt toolNick White
2020-01-22Fix up boxtotxt toolNick White
2020-01-22Add GetWordConfs function to hocr pkgNick White
2020-01-22Add simple boxtotxt toolNick White
2019-11-12Clean up, and add comment explaining design choice to fonttobytesNick White
2019-11-12Add fonttobytes, to embed the font into pdf tools in due courseNick White
2019-10-31Export a couple of more generally useful functionsNick White
2019-10-30Simplify and document hocr package slightly betterNick White
2019-10-23Add tiny doc.go, hopefully will ensure 'go get' doesn't re...Nick White
2019-10-23Make bucket-lines and related packages more robustNick White
2019-10-08Remove parts that have been moved elsewhere, and rename to White
2019-10-07Ensure wipe pipeline uses the expected png filesNick White
2019-10-02Improve usage notice for booktopipelineNick White
2019-10-02Add -prebinarised flag to booktopipelineNick White
2019-10-02gofmtNick White
2019-10-02Add wipeonly queue and functionalityNick White
2019-09-27Improve wiping procedure to work better with 2 column layoutsNick White
2019-09-27Fix crash bug when graph was used on source with less than 10 pagesNick White
2019-09-27One more update of graph.go to correspond to new go-chart, and improve usage ...Nick White
2019-09-27Hardcode to ignore "workhorse" from logsNick White
2019-09-27Update usage of go-chart to correspond to latest version of libraryNick White
2019-09-24gofmtNick White
2019-09-24Improve ssh logs; ensure only fully operational servers are tried, and ensure...Nick White
2019-09-24Do ssh log collection concurrentlyNick White
2019-09-24Get ssh logs from all running serversNick White
2019-09-24Add list of books done and in progress to lspipelineNick White
2019-09-24Rewrite GetInstanceDetails so page function is separateNick White
2019-09-24Move ec2 stuff out of lspipeline and into aws.goNick White
2019-09-23gofmtNick White
2019-09-23Move the sqs stuff out to aws.goNick White
2019-09-19Add queue listing to lspipelineNick White
2019-09-19Switch to using a goroutine for ec2 instance info, so can do all aws requests...Nick White
2019-09-18Add start of lspipelineNick White
2019-09-17gofmtNick White
2019-09-16Be more careful to try to grab the message after a heartbeat failure more qui...Nick White
2019-09-14Ensure enough time has elapsed before looking for the message to reget in the...Nick White
2019-09-12Don't prefix date/time to logs, as logger will store that anywayNick White
2019-09-11Increase size of graph to 4kNick White
2019-09-11Fix bug with graph that prevented the ticks from being correct, thus ruining ...Nick White
2019-09-11Work around the SQS limit of 12 hours of visibility timeoutNick White
2019-09-06Add flags to disable checking various queuesNick White
2019-09-05Handle no words found error in a better way so any page that is actually 0 co...Nick White
2019-09-05Don't abort analysis if we encounter a hocr with no words, just skip itNick White