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[iiifdownloader] Add a TODO to switch to tile based downloading
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diff --git a/cmd/iiifdownloader/main.go b/cmd/iiifdownloader/main.go
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--- a/cmd/iiifdownloader/main.go
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@@ -16,7 +16,13 @@ import (
-// TODO: add tests
+// TODO: Add tests
+// TODO: Download using a series of 256x256 tiles which we then stitch
+// together, rather than just relying on full/full providing a
+// full size image. Most iiif servers will return the full size
+// version directly if full/full is requested, but at least
+// only returns a 1000x1000 image this way.
const usage = `Usage: iiifdownloader [-mets] url
Downloads all pages from a IIIF server.