BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterdehyphenate: Update to reflect multiple page support in hocr packageNick White6 months
v0.1.3commit 4c0553fa86...Nick White21 months
v0.1.2commit d9612a98ab...Nick White22 months
v0.1.1commit 1ec81f95b7...Nick White23 months
v0.1.0commit 9b2398e22d...Nick White23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-28Add license, copyright statements and a basic readmev0.1.1Nick White
2020-02-27Add go.modv0.1.0Nick White
2020-02-27Reorganise all commands to be behind cmd/Nick White
2020-02-20[pare-gt] gofmtNick White
2020-02-20[pare-gt] Fix sampling formula, make robust in the face of a 100% sample requ...Nick White
2020-02-20[pare-gt] Add some tests, and make deterministicNick White
2020-02-20[pare-gt] gofmtNick White
2020-02-19Split sampling functionality in pare-gt into a separate function that can be ...Nick White
2020-02-11Add pare-gt toolNick White
2020-01-22Fix up boxtotxt toolNick White