AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-23gofmtHEADmasterNick White
2021-04-12Update go-chart dependency (should solve issues with bad go-sdk version)v0.4.2Nick White
2021-02-08Merge branch 'master' of White
2020-12-14Fix panic if no good edge is found in wiperv0.4.1Nick White
2020-11-06Add git clone advice to readmeNick White
2020-08-24[pggraph] have verbose printing include options it was run withNick White
2020-08-24Add verbose option to print min/max valuesNick White
2020-08-17Fix some error printing in PreProcMulti()v0.4.0Nick White
2020-08-17Have preproc and preprocmulti commands do vertical wiping tooNick White
2020-08-17Add vertical wipe to PreProcMulti(), and improve error messagesNick White
2020-08-04Slightly simplify a couple of wipesides.go functionsNick White
2020-08-04Update testdata to reflect updated integral packageNick White
2020-08-04Improve sauvola window code slightlyNick White
2020-08-04Update to replace integralimg package with integral packageNick White
2020-07-27Update pggraph documentation and update integralimg versionv0.3.0Nick White
2020-07-27Update wipesides and pggraph to new functions in integralimg, and remove expe...Nick White
2020-07-26Switch to integralimg 0.3.0 and use the new functions for integral sauvolaNick White
2020-07-24Update commands to use the updated interfacesv0.2.0Nick White
2020-07-24Make sideways() work on any image.ImageNick White
2020-07-24Fix failing tests; happily the test was just not correctly writtenNick White
2020-07-23Update to v0.2.1 of integralimg, and improve various thingsNick White
2020-07-23Improve sauvola by ensuring threshold is rounded correctly before comparisonNick White
2020-07-20[pggraph] gofmtNick White
2020-07-20[pggraph] Simplify and correct x ticksNick White
2020-07-20Add pggraph toolNick White
2020-07-14Do vertical wiping before horizontalv0.1.4Nick White
2020-07-13Improve wiper algorithmNick White
2020-06-01Mention documentation URLNick White
2020-05-04Have wipefile do vertical as well as horizontal wipingv0.1.3Nick White
2020-04-14Update integralimg dependencyv0.1.2Nick White
2020-04-14Improve documentation throughoutNick White
2020-03-05Add another top/bottom wipe testv0.1.1Nick White
2020-03-04Add vertical test to wipesidesNick White
2020-03-03Add experimental vertical wiping feature to wiperNick White
2020-03-03Add edge detection tests for wipesidesNick White
2020-02-27Add go.mod and go.sum for v0.1.0v0.1.0Nick White
2020-02-27Clean up readmeNick White
2020-02-26Pretty up READMENick White
2020-02-26Fix import lines to use new integralimg locationNick White
2020-02-26Remove the integralimg package from here; it now has its own repository at re...Nick White
2020-02-26Fix flag parsing with go test, and switch to -short to gate long testsNick White
2020-02-26Add README and GPLv3 LICENSE and mention license in every source fileNick White
2020-02-20Update wipesides testNick White
2020-02-13Add experimental and partial splittable toolNick White
2019-10-08Continue separating the repository; remove all but preproc, and move integral...Nick White
2019-10-07Ensure wipe pipeline uses the expected png filesNick White
2019-10-02Improve usage notice for booktopipelineNick White
2019-10-02Add -prebinarised flag to booktopipelineNick White
2019-10-02gofmtNick White
2019-10-02Add wipeonly queue and functionalityNick White