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2020-07-26Add new, nicer functions to use image.Rectangle instead of our Window thingv0.3.0Nick White
2020-07-25Improve documentation and simplify test codeNick White
2020-07-23Fix bug in Window.Proportion() to tally with Gray16 usage, and use the genera...v0.2.1Nick White
2020-07-23Rename the main image type from I to Imagev0.2.0Nick White
2020-07-23Remove ToIntegralImg and ToSqIntegralImg as the NewImage and NewSqImage funct...Nick White
2020-07-23Remove the WithSq functionality as its being replaced by SqImageNick White
2020-07-23Add remaining SqImage versions of I functionsNick White
2020-07-23Remove GetHorizontalWindow as it wasnt used and rotating an image sideways be...Nick White
2020-07-23Add SqImage type, which also implements image.Image and image/draw.ImageNick White
2020-07-23Add Set and NewImage functions to implement image/draw.Image interfaceNick White
2020-07-22Implement image.Image interfaceNick White
2020-04-14Improve documentationv0.1.1Nick White
2020-03-03Add GetHorizontalWindow functionNick White
2020-02-26Move things around so that integralimg is in its own repositoryNick White