AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-17More bounds checking with bottomRight to prevent possible panic in zero size ...HEADv0.6.1masterNick White
2020-08-04Rename package from integralimg to integralv0.6.0Nick White
2020-08-03Improve documentationv0.5.0Nick White
2020-08-03Revert "Update example code to run without testdata"Nick White
2020-08-03Update example code to run without testdataNick White
2020-08-03Add some testable examplesNick White
2020-08-03Improve documentationNick White
2020-08-03gofmtNick White
2020-08-03Add tests for Mean()Nick White
2020-08-03Add more Sum() tests, and further correct bugs found from itNick White
2020-07-29Add test of Sum() that compares against a simple implementation for a general...Nick White
2020-07-29Correct integral image implementation by ensuring that any request for column...Nick White
2020-07-27Remove old "Window" based functions, in preference for the new Rect ones, and...v0.4.0Nick White
2020-07-26Add new, nicer functions to use image.Rectangle instead of our Window thingv0.3.0Nick White
2020-07-25Improve documentation and simplify test codeNick White
2020-07-23Fix bug in Window.Proportion() to tally with Gray16 usage, and use the genera...v0.2.1Nick White
2020-07-23Rename the main image type from I to Imagev0.2.0Nick White
2020-07-23Remove ToIntegralImg and ToSqIntegralImg as the NewImage and NewSqImage funct...Nick White
2020-07-23Remove the WithSq functionality as its being replaced by SqImageNick White
2020-07-23Add remaining SqImage versions of I functionsNick White
2020-07-23Remove GetHorizontalWindow as it wasnt used and rotating an image sideways be...Nick White
2020-07-23Add SqImage type, which also implements image.Image and image/draw.ImageNick White
2020-07-23Add Set and NewImage functions to implement image/draw.Image interfaceNick White
2020-07-23Add first testNick White
2020-07-22Implement image.Image interfaceNick White
2020-06-01Mention documentation URLNick White
2020-04-14Improve documentationv0.1.1Nick White
2020-03-03Add GetHorizontalWindow functionNick White
2020-02-27Add go.mod for v0.1.0v0.1.0Nick White
2020-02-27Clean up readmeNick White
2020-02-26Pretty up READMENick White
2020-02-26Add golang infoNick White
2020-02-26Add READMENick White
2020-02-26Move things around so that integralimg is in its own repositoryNick White
2020-02-26Fix flag parsing with go test, and switch to -short to gate long testsNick White
2020-02-26Add README and GPLv3 LICENSE and mention license in every source fileNick White
2020-02-20Update wipesides testNick White
2020-02-13Add experimental and partial splittable toolNick White
2019-10-08Continue separating the repository; remove all but preproc, and move integral...Nick White
2019-10-07Ensure wipe pipeline uses the expected png filesNick White
2019-10-02Improve usage notice for booktopipelineNick White
2019-10-02Add -prebinarised flag to booktopipelineNick White
2019-10-02gofmtNick White
2019-10-02Add wipeonly queue and functionalityNick White
2019-09-27Improve wiping procedure to work better with 2 column layoutsNick White
2019-09-27Fix crash bug when graph was used on source with less than 10 pagesNick White
2019-09-27One more update of graph.go to correspond to new go-chart, and improve usage ...Nick White
2019-09-27Hardcode to ignore "workhorse" from logsNick White
2019-09-27Update usage of go-chart to correspond to latest version of libraryNick White
2019-09-24gofmtNick White