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2018-10-18Add Quick Start Forestry Button to HEADmasterSebastian Engels
2018-08-29fix(layouts/single): Use <time>Sorin Davidoi
2018-08-29fix(layouts/index): Use <time> and <article>Sorin Davidoi
2018-08-29fix(layouts/list): Add datetime attribute to <time>Sorin Davidoi
2018-08-27fix(partials/head): Allow zoomingSorin Davidoi
2018-08-27fix(partials/sidebar): Use more semantic elementsSorin Davidoi
2018-08-27fix(_default/baseof): Use main tagSorin Davidoi
2018-08-07Fix for mixed insecure contentMatt Smith
2018-03-17Update head.htmlBjørn Erik Pedersen
2018-02-27Fix #47: adds hook_head_end partialKevin Wiliarty
2017-10-01Implement Content Summaries / Split on index pagedigitalcraftsman
2017-10-01Implement Content Summaries / Split on index pageJinGen Lim
2017-09-07Bump required Hugo version to v0.21digitalcraftsman
2017-09-07Add CHANGELOGdigitalcraftsman
2017-09-07Fix url for Google fontsdigitalcraftsman
2017-09-07Add YAML example for Disqus in READMEdigitalcraftsman
2017-09-07Add Google Analytics supportdigitalcraftsman
2017-09-07Switch to Hugo's built-in Disqus templatedigitalcraftsman
2017-09-07Remove custom Disqus templatedigitalcraftsman
2017-09-07Trim more whitespace in template logicdigitalcraftsman
2017-09-07Make use of the base templatedigitalcraftsman
2017-09-01Update link to Hugo sitedigitalcraftsman
2017-09-01Update link to Hugo siteAlexander Ivanov
2017-07-25Use .Site.BaseURL to generate sidebar "Home" linkdigitalcraftsman
2017-07-25Fix indentation in layoutsVivek Ghaisas
2017-07-25Print CSS to fix printing problemsMohammed El-Dahash
2017-07-25Add print css linkMohammed El-Dahash
2017-07-25Add print css linkMohammed El-Dahash
2017-07-25Fix disqusShortname conditionalBjørn Erik Pedersen
2017-05-26Use .Site.BaseURL to generate sidebar "Home" linkVivek Ghaisas
2017-04-08Bump required Hugo version to v0.19+digitalcraftsman
2017-03-25Replacing deprecated function call with now preferred version (#39)Oliver Schneider
2016-11-17Rename RSSlink to RSSLinkdigitalcraftsman
2016-11-17Rename RSSlink to RSSLinkBjørn Erik Pedersen
2016-08-19Add layout-reverse body class code to single and list templates.Jason Yee
2016-08-19Don't repeat title in <title> tag on the home pageJakub Kucharski
2016-07-26Add installation sectionPedro Melo
2016-03-08Add configuration to Reverse layoutJán Koščo
2016-01-02Use language from configuration.Matthew Buckett
2015-09-22Merge pull request #26 from bigwhite/masterdigitalcraftsman
2015-09-22make 404 page use Site.Params.themeColorTony Bai
2015-08-13Merge pull request #23 from philgs/double-slashBjørn Erik Pedersen
2015-08-13Remove double-slashes in stylesheet URLsphilgs
2015-08-01Fixes #22digitalcraftsman
2015-07-17Updated theme.tomldigitalcraftsman
2015-07-17Removed non-working link from READMEdigitalcraftsman
2015-07-17Added Disqus supportdigitalcraftsman
2015-07-15Updated READMEdigitalcraftsman
2015-07-15Merge pull request #15 from digitalcraftsman/change-theme-in-configs-globallydigitalcraftsman
2015-07-14Merge pull request #11 from marc-jones/patch-1digitalcraftsman