AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-29Fix SetTextRenderingMode to follow spec correctly, and add missing modes to c...addtextrenderingmodeNick White
2019-10-29Update go.mod to reflect new location of this forkNick White
2019-10-29Add TextRenderingMode* consts for different inputs for SetTextRenderingModeNick White
2019-10-29Add SetTextRenderingMode functionNick White
2019-10-05Reference examples files in comment for RegisterAlias()HEADmasterKurt
2019-10-05Support UTF-8 aliases and correct problem with UTF-8 page count aliasKurt
2019-10-05Merge branch 'ArtemKor-master'Kurt
2019-10-05Update image moduleKurt
2019-10-04Fix Unedit font arrayDarkFreedman
2019-10-04Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'DarkFreedman
2019-10-04Pre MergeDarkFreedman
2019-10-04Unchangeable font byte arrayDarkFreedman
2019-10-04Update to latest versionDarkFreedman
2019-09-28Merge branch 'SuddenGunter-bookmarks-utf16'Kurt
2019-09-29fix utf16 in bookmarksArtem
2019-09-25Use strings.Replace instead of strings.ReplaceAll for older library supportKurt
2019-09-25Merge from v2: Escape spaces in font family string to comply with PDF standardKurt
2019-09-08Restore go.mod replace directiveKurt
2019-09-07Tidy module fileKurt
2019-09-07Merge branch 'Rjinswand-strikeout'Kurt
2019-09-07Adjust various import paths, rename example functionKurt
2019-09-07Merge branch 'strikeout' of into Rjinswan...Kurt
2019-09-07Acknowledge Joe Westcott's contributionsKurt
2019-09-07Merge branch 'joewestcott-template-init'Kurt
2019-09-07Correct misspelled wordKurt
2019-09-07Strikeout: use "S" as styleStrFranz Fangmeyer
2019-09-04Initialize derived template with parent imagesJoe Westcott
2019-08-30Prevent inserting duplicate imagesJoe Westcott
2019-08-30comments for ImageInfoTypeJoe Westcott
2019-08-28Merge branch 'Eiskasten-master'Kurt
2019-08-28set new coordinates on z instructionRichard Stöckl
2019-08-28attached z, q, h, and v instructions to the Fpdf_SVGBasicWriteRichard Stöckl
2019-08-28updated SVG commentsRichard Stöckl
2019-08-28added closepath support in SVGRichard Stöckl
2019-08-28added SVG support for quadratic curvesRichard Stöckl
2019-08-28added SVG support for horizontal and vertical linesRichard Stöckl
2019-08-23Merge branch 'joewestcott-underline'Kurt
2019-08-23Merge branch 'underline' of into joewes...Kurt
2019-08-23Add DS_Store to gitignore (#292)Joe Westcott
2019-08-22Add test for SetUnderlineThicknessJoe Westcott
2019-08-22Add SetUnderlineThickness methodJoe Westcott
2019-08-21Merge branch 'hyzgh-master'Kurt
2019-08-21fix split line bughyzgh
2019-08-21fix split line bughyzgh
2019-08-20Merge branch 'hyzgh-master'Kurt
2019-08-20improve the speed of MultiCellhyzgh
2019-08-15Merge branch 'mrtsbt-wrap-contrib-gofpdi-importer'Kurt
2019-08-15Merge branch 'wrap-contrib-gofpdi-importer' of
2019-08-15fix checksmatthias
2019-08-15Merge branch 'tim-st-master'Kurt