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Update integralimg->integral in tools overview, and add a line at the end of adaptive binarisation
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@@ -98,4 +98,5 @@ The Integral Image support is provided by another package we wrote,
[]( ([docs](,
which will also be useful for other image processing tools which
require calculating the mean or standard deviation for different
-areas of an image.
+areas of an image. It includes tests and examples, so should be
+easy to pick up and use for your own projects.
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@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ preproc is a package of image preprocessing tools which we use to prepare
page images for OCR. They are designed to be very fast, and to work well
even in the common (for us) case of weird and dirty pages which have been
scanned badly. Many of the operations take advantage of our
-[integralimg]( ([docs](
+[integral]( ([docs](
package, which uses clever mathematics to make the image operations very