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@@ -14,15 +14,13 @@ because why not? At the moment it's a command line only tool.
*rescribe* is a part of our [bookpipeline](
package, and we provide pre built executables for it which can be
-downloaded for each platform here:
+downloaded for each platform here - save them to wherever you want
+to run the program from:
* [Linux](
* [OS X](
* [Windows](
-Note that if you're on Linux or OS X you will probably need to run
-`chmod +x rescribe` after downloading, to make it executable.
Next, you need to install the Tesseract OCR engine, which the
tool uses for the core OCR step. If you're on Linux this should be
available from your package manager,
@@ -44,6 +42,10 @@ the run box, on OSX it's under Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal,
and if you're on Linux I bet you already know where to find your
+Firstly, if you're on Linux or OSX you will probably need to make
+the program executable after downloading it, so do that now by
+running `chmod +x rescribe`. You'll only have to do that once.
You use *rescribe* by giving it the path of a training file to use
and the directory containing the book or manuscript pages you want
to OCR. Basic usage looks like this: