AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-24Update pil library for Debian BullseyeHEADmasterNick White
2021-12-06update pipeliner so that git pulls are merge-resolved with -Xtheirs rather th...Nick White
2021-11-20Use new go path for updatepipelineNick White
2021-11-20Use newer go install than is in debian reposNick White
2021-08-23rudpad: Add rcloneNick White
2021-08-19rudpad: Ensure all go tools are builtNick White
2021-08-19rudpad: Remove go source package once done with itNick White
2021-08-18Add rudpad ami rulesNick White
2021-06-22Have updatepipeline script only compile and install bookpipelineNick White
2020-10-20Remove old references to stretch-backportsNick White
2020-10-19Remove undeeded backport as images are based on buster nowNick White
2020-10-19Stop using GOPATH for source code to ensure go modules are enabledNick White
2020-09-07Switch from using 'go get -u' to git pull & go installNick White
2020-09-01Ensure go modules are always used by the updatepipeline scriptNick White
2020-09-01Ensure that changed modules don't cause updatepipeline to failNick White
2020-07-27Add mailsettings to pipelineNick White
2020-05-06Add rsync to all servers; useful for all sorts of transfers to & fromNick White
2020-05-04Add python-pil dependency for traintess usageNick White
2020-05-04Fix up tesseract rules and add useful stuff for trainingNick White
2020-05-04Roll training into main tesseract role; no need to keep it separateNick White
2020-04-08Update README to reflect changes to the codeNick White
2020-03-31Enable autoshutdown with bookpipelineNick White
2020-03-10Update README for latest version of debianNick White
2020-03-10Ensure modules are always updated, and that the service allows time for this ...Nick White
2020-03-10Ensure go modules are enabled (should have been by default last time, but was...Nick White
2020-03-10Use go modules when building bookpipelineNick White
2019-12-16Update READMENick White
2019-12-13Fix up training deploy script, and fix READMENick White
2019-12-13Fix typos in updatepipelineNick White
2019-12-11Install trainings from training repo, and ensure they are updated when bookpi...Nick White
2019-10-22Remove unused roles, reorganise to better reflect the current state of affairsNick White
2019-10-22Add pipeliner playbookNick White
2019-10-16Add READMENick White
2019-10-16Update pipeliner to update before running bookpipeline, and with latest urlsNick White
2019-09-05Ensure bookpipeline is executableNick White
2019-09-05Build go tools for pipeline on host machineNick White
2019-09-03Ensure is updated when tools are installedNick White
2019-09-02Add systemd target for bookpipeline service so it will enable successfullyNick White
2019-09-02Remove auth now that policy is correctNick White
2019-09-02Temporarily include aws credentials so the pipeline can download from the s3 ...Nick White
2019-09-02Improvements to bookpipeline service, run as a user, and log progress using -vNick White
2019-09-02Make bookpipeline executableNick White
2019-09-02Correct usage of homedir in lept and tess; was failing when become was used f...Nick White
2019-09-02Correct training install locationNick White
2019-09-02Add pipelineami host, and correct location of key for devami hostNick White
2019-09-02Add pipeliner roleNick White
2019-09-02Force apt-get when using package module, as otherwise it defaults to aptitude...Nick White
2019-09-02Switch to apt to install dependencies, and the debian package names, for lept...Nick White
2019-09-02Use generic home dirs for lept and tess installsNick White
2019-09-02Add training to tess installNick White