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2020-08-18Update preproc to v0.4.0 to enable vertical wipingNick White
2020-07-20Update preproc to v0.1.4 to take advantage of vertical wiping parameters, and...v0.2.5Nick White
2020-05-04Update preproc dependency so that vwipe is enabledv0.2.3Nick White
2020-04-14Update preproc and utils dependenciesv0.2.2Nick White
2020-04-07Update dependenciesv0.2.1Nick White
2020-02-28Tidy go.sumNick White
2020-02-28Update go-chart to a working version in go.modv0.1.2Nick White
2020-02-27Update dependencyv0.1.1Nick White
2020-02-27Update go.modNick White
2019-11-11Add go.mod and go.sumNick White